energyXT 2.6 Beta / 2.5.4 x64

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is one of the most flexible VST sequencers energyXT available. You can also run it within the sequencer as a VST plugin. decided top 3 energyXT KVR member survey (in the commercial category, year of service). You just can not go wrong energyXT. Easy to use MIDI sequencer with the audio track of the freeze, it saves time and trenches clip track expired. A great stepping-stone to the manner of a roll of the drum, Piano and features easy to use and quickly went into the impressions of basslines. Theres also at random, and to do his duty to the variation of Drums, a powerful, and melodies. Built-in Multi-plagals the sample with the method, and the hatred of the powerful modulation routing. Create great patch on envelopes, LFOs, effects of harmony and from a built-in delay. Loading 16/24/32-bit samples Moro / infertile. Lorem custom skin or the skin of the user download a lorem. Almost anything energyXT replaced with bitmap or paint.


Category: Multimedia|Audio|Audio Mixers/Synthesizers
Developer: xt software
Size: 53 MB